Lead the industry with world-class marking technology and distinctive tools

Not only marking machines, but of course we also have some unique special-purpose tools. Other vendors might not have them, but Yamada does!


Achieve revolutions in manufacturing sites with our massive product power, including special-purpose tools.
The head office was founded in Taito-ku, Tokyo in the Showa era year 22 (1947). Mainly we have manufactured marking machines and sold them and also machine tools. We set up a company in Thailand in 2009. After establishing the local affiliate, we have provided “the most needed” tools in Thai manufacturing industry.

In recent years, labor cost has soared in Thailand and the Thai government has promoted the advancement of industries. These movements drive labor cost savings, space savings, and automation (FA) rapidly at manufacturing sites. Factories aim at improving manufacturing efficiency to reduce costs and extra value addition is a new challenge to them. We strongly feel that the demand of our products is expanding under these situations.

Let me explain in more details. The main tools at our company are European made and somewhat “Maniac”, which are favored by professionals. The strong point of our lineup is “products no one has ever seen before” including special tools to realize compound and multi-product processing, and they are supported by customers who wish “to excel compared to other companies”.
Let me provide an example. “MAS TOOL” with use of CBN tool which is considered to be the 2nd hardest material after diamond. Rather than grinding hardened work pieces, you can finish with a lathe. The main characteristics are the following: 1) keeps tool evenly spaced by hydraulic pressure, 2) gives a longer tool life by absorption of processing vibration, 3) prevents chattering from occurring, and 4) achieves a high quality finished surface. It also helps reducing incidences of defective products dramatically. Idling time can be also shortened by adopting a quick change system. It is an excellent tool to help improvement of production efficiency.

MAS TOOL detailed information

We also recommend the marking tool, “EBS – 250” (made by EBS, Germany). It is a handy type inkjet marker and is lightweight, around 1 kg. We guess a woman can operate this tool with one hand. You can send data from a PC at just the push of a button, pressing the tool against a work piece. You can mark on various materials such as metals, wood and glass.

In addition, we have also been focusing on selling “ALCOOL”, a strong alkaline ionized water generator, in recent years. In this device, alkaline water of Ph 12.5 is generated, and detergency is super strong. Tool life extends more than twice in cutting and five times in polishing. Thanks to your support, more than 70% of our current customers have become repeats, and now it is one of our signature products.

ALCOOL detailed information

It is also important to apply the needs of the age, such as the quality of the tool that the customer wants, as well as labor savings, space saving and FA conversion. I would like to offer a solid support towards the leap of the whole manufacturing industry in Thailand.