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JBO Rolling Dies High Performance Thread Rolling

High Performance Thread Rolling Dies

Advantage of thread rolling dies to Cutting Thread

  1. Shorter cycle time >>> One pass only
  2. Surface beautiful and strong >>> Thread FormingForming
  3. No chip >>> While thread processing
  4. Stable thread quality >>> Easier quality control, reduce defective rate and inspection times by thread gauge
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Advantage of thread rolling dies to Rolling Machine

  1. All process in one machine >>> Saving space,machine,operator
  2. All process in one machine >>> Keep concentricity
  3. No material handling between lathe & rolling machine

Changeable & reversible Type

When roll set are worn out, please take them and set them backside. And then you can buy roll set only when both side of roll set is worn out.

เมื่อชุดม้วนหมด โปรดนำออกมาวางด้านหลัง จากนั้นคุณสามารถซื้อชุดม้วนได้เฉพาะเมื่อชุดม้วนทั้งสองด้านหมด

RBS(Roll set)


Type of die holders for original series

RS1(RS2/RS3 Same Spec.)

Dimension Thread Rolling Die Type RS And RSV

Preparation of workpiece

  1. The blank diameters for thread rolling quoted here are approximate ,as the properties of material differ. If necessary, the blank diameter should be increased in steps of 0.01mm. Until the thread profile is nearly fully formed. Any further increase in blank diameter overloads and hence damages the tools. Please observe the thread major.

  2. The workpiece must have a 15-20· chamfer to enable the thread rolling dies to start easily both chamfer and blank diameter must run concentrically