Lead the industry with world-class marking technology and distinctive tools


1. We cooperate together to better our skill and virtue.
This is the way to the prosperity of our company.

2. Idea and creativity are the key to enrich our company and society.

3. We always make it a principle to serve for our valued customers. And we contribute to the prosperity of society through our business activity.

Our Philosophy

1. YMTT seek for continuous Customer’s Satisfaction
Today’s customer’s satisfaction will not last so long. We are always thinking about the future satisfaction of our customer.

2. YMTT focus the on spot where the thing happen.
We start business by analyzing actual demand at the spot with customer.

Manufacturers often hold loss of chances which cannot be solved by general products of major companies.We will find the best solution under the cooperation with our specialized company’s network over the world.

4. YMTT provide the leading-edge innovation
The Industrial leading-edge innovations are mostly developed by specialized companies. We will keep finding out the seeds of innovations, and incubate it to be an effective industrial innovation.