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Multi purpose strong alkaline ion water from ALC-NEWS
น้ำอัลคาไลน์ มีประสิทธิภาพการล้างและการทำความเย็นสูง

ALCOOL & Strong Alkali Water.

ALCOOL is next generation of cutting fluid which is used strong alkali ionized water. It has high effect for strong penetration, anti-rust and antiseptic. It has so many case experiences to make tool life longer. This fluid is used for not only cutting but also grinding. The life of fluid is also last much longer than usual coolant by strong alkali water effect (over pH12). You can save cost and environment. “Eco-friendly & safety” Strong alkali water has effect of strong detergency and cooling too. It’s really useful water for manufacturing.

Over pH12
Strong detergency Deodorization effect

Sterile filtration

มากกว่า pH12

ไม่ส่งกลิ่นเหม็น ป้องกันการเกิดสนิม

Feature of strong alkali ion water
คุณสมบัติของน้ำ Alkali-ion.

Strong washing performance

Water electrolyzation make strong penetration, and it make efficiency of strong detergency to peel and lay off contamination from surface boundary.

No foul up environment

This alkali ion water is not used any surface acting agent and chemical composition, so it is much easier to recycle and have effluent treatment. Then it never charges environment.

Protect oxidation and rust

Strong alkali ion water can prevent rusty (oxidation)because of low oxidation-reduction potential.

No bubble while washing

This water never contain any surface acting agent, so is does not have any babble. It’s easy to rinse and wipe only one time.

Antibiotic action and deodorant effect

Alkali ion water more than pH12.5 has antibiotic action and deodorant effect, so it can be washing and sterile filtration at same time.

System of ALC-NEWS
ระบบของ ALC-NEWS

2 electrodes are sunk into electrolyte cell which belongs cation exchange membrane at center position, and electrolyte (potassium carbonate) is put into the cell of positive electrode side. This system makes only strong alkali ion water from the cell of negative electrode side.


ALC-NEWS Standard 1 cell type.

  1. 1 unit can install maximum 8 cells and the quantity is 4L/min. Please contact us if you need dimension for multicell spec.


  1. Don’t drink and put eyes this strong alkali water.
  2. ALC-NEW has to connect deionizer.
  3. Alkali water erodes copper, brass and aluminum.