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EBS-260 HANDJET Portable Printer



The EBS-260 HandJet Portable Printer is a handheld inkjet printer that directly marks products such as concrete, corrugated boxes, metal pipes, poly woven bags, wood and other raw materials, simply and quickly. Easily configure this Handjet for Handheld Inkjet Printing of Lot numbers, Pipe Heat Numbers, Date time and any Text. Solvent inks, perform Very Well when printing on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic, or glass. The EBS 260 HandJet Portable Printer is mobile, handy and easy to operate.. It comes complete with its own software and weighs approx. 2.5 pound.

Printing Capabilities.

Clear, crisp print on wood and timber, including pallet and logs.

Prints on glass.

Can be used to mark building materials.

Prints on large-size elements that can not be moved.

Can be used to easily mark concrete ducts, etc.

Print on uneven , porous surfaces.

Provides a good quality print on both smooth and wrinkled stretch, as well as on bubble wrap.

Print on polystyrene.

Ensures a quality print on pipes and/or their insulation.

Print with contrast on fluffy fabrics and carpets.

Suitable for printing on rubber, elastomers , and other plastics; boxes, barrels and containers of different sizes..

Supporting stabilisors.

Additional equipment such as supporting stabilisors for different applications, like printing a perfect straight line, for printing a perfect straight line, for printing on cylindrical surfaces or round objects.

Supporting circular printing

Printing on flat surfaces with stabilisor for printing in a straight line.

Axial printing on cylindrical surfaces.

Radical printing on cylindrical surfaces.

Technical data.