Lead the industry with world-class marking technology and distinctive tools

FA System

We have Options and software

Focus also on equipment including robots and factory automation (FA) business

Our strength is that we can perform everything from system design to setting (system integration) using robots. Therefore, there are basically no restrictions such as work genre, size, weight, etc., and it is also possible to correspond to the original operation. We are also putting effort into robot education for Thai staff, and we are demonstrating our strength in user education and troubleshooting

Material & Robot Handling

Conveyor is a transport system consisting of a machine that can move material from one place to another. It is Designed for a wide variety of products such as food or other items that need to be conveyed in the production process.

Marking &Traceability

Marking is more required in recent Thai industries as social demand of product liability increasing and global supply chain growing.
YMTT can provide total solution of traceability system with using various ways of marking methods and experienced FA/IT Technology.

Inspection Machine

Abnormality inspection system, check size, height, depth or compare the pattern according to the workpiece’s pattern. In order to check the job to meet the standards of production, we design it to meet the job requirements. In addition, there are also examples of industry groups that choose to use our services.

Custom Machine

For many manufacturers, there comes a time when off-the-shelf machinery simply won’t do. Sometimes it’s a new product that requires new machinery custom designed and fabricated for a product manufacturing, processing or testing need. Other times, the existing machinery simply needs a modification such as

Concept Design Meeting

YMTT Design and presentation customer

Comfirm Order and Production

Analyze and optimize performance


We will make a comprehensive proposal by combining various technologies and products in areas that Yamada Machine Tool has strengths, such as marking equipment, various tools and equipment, and system integration