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Special-Purpose Tools

We have extensive lineup of special-purpose tools specialized in knurling, screw rolling making, broaching and burnishing. It is a unique product group that solves problems such as improvement of surface roughness and reduction of mechanical load. Also in Thailand, Yamada Machine Tool will respond to your “I wish I had…’ needs.


Shorten the process with highest level quality and performance! Choose QUICK for knurling tools

ARC Tool

Shorten your processing time, setup time, and processes! Alco’s screw rolling head


JBO rolling dies to improve screw strength and surface roughness


Diamond burnishing

Improve surface roughness without producing cutting chips! Diamond burnishing

PCM Rotary Broaching

PCM’s rotary broaching tool is for broaching a polygonal hole attached to a Swiss-type or turret-type CNC lathe. Hexagon and torque shapes are treated as standard products. The process shortening can be achieved by incorporating a process of pressed punching into a lathe machine.


MASTOOL items present high values, convenience and cost reduction at cutting process in machine tools.

Tapping Collets

The most rational and economical solution for tapping on CNC machines with axial compensation built in the collet