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Some case of grinding, you can use alkali water+0.5% of anti-rusty additive without coolant.
It makes big advantage of expansion for dressing interval, grinding stone lift and diamond dresser.

High penetration helps washing grinding stoneมีการแทรกซึมสูงช่วยในการชะล้างหินเจียรได้ดี

Advantage of alkaline ion water

  1. High detergent power without any detergent >  Can use grinding liquid without oil and washing machine without chemical detergent > big cost down for liquid and good for environment

  2. High penetration > good for pealing off contamination and reach hottest point for cutting and grinding > big cost down for cutting tool and grinding stone(decrease dressing interval)

  3. Taking oxygen away from object > no get rusty in this water

  4. High pH 12.5 keeps quality long terms > long life

  5. Never mix or melt with oil (completely separate)

Disadvantage of alkaline ion water

  1. Corrosion to aluminum and copper alloy

  2. Pealing paint off from broken border

  3. Can not waste to environment (have to make pH down to neutral)

  4. Washing lubrication