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Introduction of Mist Collectors Indispensable for Improvement of Factory Environment!


Introduction of Mist Collectors Indispensable for Improvement of Factory Environment!

Mist Collectors Indispensable for Improvement of Factory Environment

As you can see with ISO 14001, companies place a heavy emphasis on efforts to improve and preserve the global environment, and they also focus on improving the working environment for those working in operations, such as employees and operators.

It is probably “oil mist”, which provides improvement in the work environment for people involved in the manufacturing industries, isn’t it?
At the site of metal cutting and lathe turning processing with machine tools, processing oils are used, like cutting oils, for cooling and lubrication. The cutting oil vaporizes and becomes finer due to heat and mechanical factors, scattering through the air as oil mist. That scattered oil mist not only adversely affects worker’s health at factories, but also leads to a decline in productivity and processing quality, which can directly affect the environment around the factory and increase CO2. In addition to these factors, it can cause secondary disasters such as falls and fires.

In order to collect this oil mist, many types of mist collectors (oil mist collectors) are available from various companies. This time, I, Uchitani, will show you the points to remember when choosing mist collectors along with their varieties.


Types and characteristics of mist collectors

Let me explain to you the kinds and characteristics of mist collectors. There are various type of products from many companies, they can be categorized into the following types.

 mist collectors

Today, it is common to introduce the filter type which can minimize initial costs because most processing oils like cutting oil are soluble in water and the amount of generated oil mist is small. However, more companies are adopting centrifugal separation types as a substitute for filter type, because it can collect a massive amount of oil mist thanks to technological innovation.

The most important point is to carefully determine the price, performance, and features and apply it for your company. Even though the initial cost can be cheap, I saw many cases where running costs (electricity, replenishment of processing oil) turned out to be quite expensive! If people damage or spread them around the factory accidentally, you will eventually have to pay a greater price later on.


Yamada Machine Tool Recommended Mist Collector! “FILTERMIST”

We, Yamada Machine Tool proudly recommends this mist collector “filter mist”. The company was founded in the UK in 1969 and has delivered excellent products to the world for about 50 years. Our mist collector is a result of technologies and know-how accumulated through years of research and development having a simple structure without any useless parts. By arranging a motor vertically, we realized compactification of the whole device. With wings installed in the drum unit and characteristic drum pads, the oil mist is absorbed, the oil turns solid, dropped into the drain by centrifugal force, and returned to the machine tool.

 Mist collector YAMADA Machine Tool

Point ①: Why we recommend this product
Drum rotation efficiency is good, so even small motors are OK! It saves power consumption by around 20 ~ 50% compared to a normal mist collector, and is light weight!

Point ②: Why we recommend this product
High speed rotation drum and specially processed drum pad firmly absorbs oil contained in oil mist! About 3 to 4 liters of processing oil can be refluxed, and it will help you save cost!

Point ③: Why we recommend this product
Simple structure makes cleaning easy! It shortens the maintenance time!

How was it? When choosing a mist collector, I would like you to remember that it’s rather important to choose the product with “suck it firmly and return the oil surely (reflux)! ” than the one with “sucking power (of oil mist) is great and the amount of discharge is also great!”

We hope that you can select a mist collector suitable for your work environment and use it to improve the environment of your workplace.


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