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Direct information from a professional of knurling tools! The basic of knurling tools that only limited people know will be lectured!


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Yamada Machine Tool is a specialized manufacturer of marking machines. As a pioneer of this industry, we manufacture and sell marking devices. Also, we have tools for tooling and special purposes. Regarding special-purpose tools, we receive good feedback from customers because we have a wide range of unique products.

However, it is true that we have received some feedbacks from customers that they “don’t know how to choose an appropriate product” because our products are “special” and “very unique”. Therefore, today, I, Uchitani, will answer you by introducing frequently asked questions regarding knurling (Concave fine processing to be applied to metal) among special-purpose tools in this news.

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Q1:Example) Knurling has two types of processing methods which are “rolling knurling” and “cutting knurling”. How can I properly choose a processing method?

A:The processing method is basically selected according to positions, materials, pitch, and overall shapes of the work pieces on which a knurl is set. A cutting Knurling tool is used for processing from the edges of a material, so it is not suitable for the middle part of the shaft. Also, a tool holder of cutting types is more expensive than the rolling types. The followings are the cases that our company recommends a cutting knurling.


1.Thin-wall pipe shaped outer knurling (Thin ring shaped knurling)



2.Longer rolling-part knurling



3.Materials which are not suitable for rolling (Less extendibility)


4.Materials which are not suitable for plastic forming (Resin etc.)


5.In case, high definition is required at rolling part of knurling



6.In case, you want to reduce a load of a machine or a material because pitch is big.


Q2:Knurling pitch is described as a module on a drawing. How can I convert to mm?

A:In order to covert knurling pitch from a module to mm, please multiply the value of the module by the circumference ratio. For example, it will be the following formula in order to convert the module 0.3 (m=0.3) to mm.


In knurling, unlike screws, gears, splines, serrations etc, we cannot expect precision, so we need to select the pitch by approximate conversion.


Q3:Can I do serrations and spline processing by knurling tools?

A:Unfortunately, you cannot process with a knurling tool. Since serrations and splines have many restrictions due to the dimensional data, it is impossible to apply knurling process while rolling the outer circumference. In fact, it is impossible to limit even the number of mountains on the outer circumference with knurling.


This time, I introduced the questions and answers regarding knurling. Knurling processing has also become one of the subjects of “certification of first-class technical processing machining”, and it is quite difficult even for an experienced technician. If you have any questions or problems about knurling processing and its tools, please feel free to contact Yamada Machine Tool.


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