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Solve the collection problem of magnetic sludge! The most powerful magnet separator, FINE MAG


Unless the fine sludge from parts grinding is correctly processed, there is a risk of having an adverse effect on the factory environment as well as the influence on the work piece. Today, Samurai Factory editorial department came to YAMADA MACHINE TOOL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. which has good reputation in a variety of special-purpose tools. We interviewed Ms. Treerawan and Mr. Ekapob about the most powerful magnetic separator “FINE MAG” to solve the problem of magnetic sludge.

 Sales Engineer Yamada Machine Tool

Ms. Treerawan (Left) and Mr. Ekapob at Sales Engineering Department at YAMADA MACHINE TOOL (THAILAND) CO., LTD.


Samurai factory editorial department (the following, editor dep.): Thank you for taking time today. Firstly, could you please explain about FINE MAG?


 Sales Engineer Yamada Machine Tool


EKAPOB:FINE MAG is a magnet separator from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech. Magnet separator is a device that separates magnetic sludge generated by grinding from coolant liquid, and FINE MAG realizes long-term stable performances and high wringing performances by special hardening treatment (PAT.) on a drum surface, forced driven squeeze rollers and improving collection performance by optimizing magnet arrangement. Also, it is No.1 sales magnet separator which occupies 40% of market share in the industry in Japan.


FINE MAG is a magnet separator from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech

Sludge caused by grinding flows together with coolant liquid and it contaminates the tank


EKAPOB:Sludge occurs during the grinding processing. The generated sludge is mixed in a coolant liquid flowing in a machine, returned to a tank, circulated and used it again for processing. Fine Mag not only maintains the accuracy of processed products and prevents scratches by collecting a sludge in a coolant liquid to purify it, but also it reduces the accumulation of sludge in the tank to help reduce the frequency of liquid exchange and tank cleaning. Also, squeeze rollers that make up the product contribute to simplify sludge disposal and make factory environment better by discharging sludge in a dry condition.


Magnet separator Fine Mag

Magnet separator (left) and fine mag (right) from other company


TREERAWAN:If sludge remains in the coolant liquid, the sludge returns to the inside of the machine and flows again with the coolant liquid, which adversely affects the product. However, if you can collect the sludge, the sludge will not return into the machine and it will not cause damage to the parts.


Magnet separator Fine Mag

Since the surface of the magnet drum is done special hardening treatment (PAT.), it won’t be scratched.


EKAPOB:If the sludge collection capability has been improved, the frequency of cleaning the coolant tank will decrease. In the factory, we must temporarily stop the manufacturing work to clean the tank, but we do not want to stop the work, do we? If you use FINE MAG, the number of stops will also decrease.

TREERAWAN:Regarding FINE MAG, the surface of the magnet drum is done special hardening treatment (PAT.) which prevents it from scratches. Scratches on the drum surface will affect the deterioration of sludge wringing performance, so stable high wringing performance will last for a long time if it has no scratch. Drying sludge is easier to process, weighs less and it will help you reduce disposal costs.


How about the feedback from the customers who introduced FINE MAG?

EKAPOB:We received feedback from customers such as “the burden of cleaning the tank has been reduced, the life of the coolant processing liquid has been extended, errors have been reduced due to less influences on the grinding processed products, the sludge has become easier to process.” In addition, it is one of the features that it discharges dried sludge with stable wringing performance without slipping since the fine mag is adopting the forced driven method of the squeeze roller.

TREERAWAN:Products of other companies do not adopt the forced driven method and we often see that coolant liquid is accumulated in the sludge box due to unstable wringing.


▲Results of functions of other companies and FINEMAG(Evaluation from customers) ※Results of April 2008

Research conditions
・Sludge from the same type of grinding machine on which grinding work was performed was collected for 50 hours
・Collect with magnetic force 300 kgf and measure the amount of coolant liquid that has come out with sludge


A chart comparing the amount of oil that came out with the collected sludge. Blue is the collected sludge. Purple is the amount of oil taken (April 2008).


EKAPOB:Please see the chart that shows the amount of sludge collection and oil impregnation. The first chart from the left is the research findings of FINE MAG. Comparing the amount of collected sludge (blue line) with the one of oil contained in the sludge (red line), it is clear that the collected amount is much higher than oil impregnation. On the other hand, other companies’ products didn’t show as good results as FINE MAG. In case of oily coolant, a customer saved about 40,000 baht per year of replacing cost for processing fluid thanks to longer life of the coolant processing liquid and reducing tank cleaning time and the take-out coolant liquid.

TREERAWAN:The sludge discharged from FINE MAG contains almost no coolant liquid and it is very effective for cleaner factory environment.


How about after-sales services?

EKAPOB:After purchase, we will guarantee after-sales service for 1 year. We check the customer’s site and also provide them trainings for proper use.

TREERAWAN:Finally, I’d like to share a new product information. FINE MAG’s new series “UK type” has been released. This magnet separator has the most powerful drum surface magnetic force of 9000 gausses in history, and even it can effectively collect cemented carbide sludge (tungsten carbide). You can kill two birds with one stone because tungsten carbide is rare metal, which is valuable and sludge will also become a source of income, which means you no longer need to dispose it by paying extra money. Please contact us if you have any problems with sludge.


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Thank you, Mr. EKAPOB and Ms. TREERAWAN for today!


From a person in charge at the maker

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) has been a very reliable business partner for us, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, since 2012 when we started the sales activities in Thailand that it has helped us expand our product sales and after-service follow-up in Thailand. Especially, each sales person joins our customer’s site as a sales engineer, asks for any issues at site or actual things and he/she provides best proposals to customer’s voices depending on their issues. I also visit Thailand regularly and support the TMTT sales team to improve their skills by providing some follow-ups such as study groups.
I will continue to support our customers to solve their problems with our best proposals with YMTT.


Sumitomo Heavy Industries Fintech, Ltd.
Coolant system sales department, overseas sales team, director

Working background
2008  Entered Sumitomo Heavy Industries Fintech, Ltd. Worked for sales support, mainly marketing, as a sales planner.
2011  Moved to coolant system sales. Worked for domestic sales.
2012~ Onwards Coolant system overseas sales. Currently working in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand, as a person in charge for Southeast Asia.