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Overwhelming productivity! YMTT Proposes Unmanned Machining Line for Complex Shaped Parts at CINCOM MIYANO PRIVATE SHOW 2023


In recent years, the Thai manufacturing market has seen a marked increase in requirement for higher precision and complexity in the machining of small-diameter parts. Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) (hereinafter referred to as YMTT) has a lineup of tools and various solutions for multi-task machining to respond to such trend demand. This article introduces YMTT’s unique products and equipment exhibited at the “CITIZEN CINCOM MIYANO PRIVATE SHOW 2023” held on August 24-25, 2023.

Automated completion from machining to inspection in a single cell (automatic lathe + FA)

This year’s exhibition was centered on the major concept of “Unmanned production of complex-shaped parts by extreme multi-task machining of automatic lathes + FA,” and featured special tools for precision lathes and FA solutions as the main attractions.

<Main solutions on display>

■ Multi-task machining tool “PCM Live Tool”
PCM “Live Tool”, a tool that enables special machining on general machine tools 

■ Post-process FA system
High-precision CNC lathe Miyano “GN3200” × Cleaning process × Mitsubishi Electric Vertical articulated robot × Inspection unit (ISSOKU/MAGNESCALE)
★ Solution that integrates cutting – cleaning – drying – inspection processes into a single device and automates each process including conveyance

■ Mist collector “Filter Mist”
Highly cost-effective mist collector that is safe, energy-saving, low-cost, and easy to maintain


Through process consolidation is the shortcut to cost and defect reduction for complex-shaped parts

Thailand has long thrived as a global manufacturing base for hard disk drive (HDD)-related products, with Ayutthaya as its center. In the electronic device components manufacturing industry such as HDDs, competition in terms of price and precision is fierce, and to maintain high precision while keeping costs down, it has been common to reduce the number of times the workpiece is grabbed, and to complete the machining with as few machines as possible (process consolidation).

Under such circumstances, in recent years, against the background of shrinking markets, the target of the electronic component manufacturing industry has gradually shifted to the manufacture of automobile parts. In the automotive parts market as well, the trend in recent years has been toward higher precision and more complex shapes to reduce the number of parts and weight, and the degree of machining difficulty is on the rise, so that process control and quality assurance must be a concern for many workplaces. In the field of small-diameter automobile parts machining, where complex shapes are expected to develop further in the future, by developing the concept of process consolidation cultivated in electronic component manufacturing and incorporating FA, it will be possible to innovatively improve productivity by reducing inspection processes, eliminating the number of full-time workers, significantly reducing the defect rate, and establishing quality traceability.


Complex processing tools automation Thailand Yamada Machine Tools

▲ YMTT’s original solution that provides one-stop handling from machining to inspection without human intervention


Complex processing tools automation Thailand Yamada Machine Tools

▲ Realization of unmanned machining line by combining process consolidation + FA system


YMTT handles a wide range of special tools that are ideal for completing the machining of complex-shaped parts from materials to finished products in one-stop. In addition to tools, YMTT has delivered many FA solutions that streamline the entire manufacturing process from machining, conveyance and inspection, to packing .

If you can share with us a single drawing of the workpiece you want to make, we will propose an original solution that optimizes the entire process, including the machining process, tool layout, selection of measurement methods, and post-process automation, in cooperation with Citizen Machinery and other machine manufacturers.


Complex processing tools automation Thailand Yamada Machine Tools

▲ Staff of YMTT, PCM and CITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA at the exhibition


If you are looking for multi-task machining tools, or if you are interested in unmanned or automated machining of complex-shaped parts in Thailand, please contact us using the form below.