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High sludge collection capacity and squeezing performance! Magnetic separator ‘FINEMAG’for improved maintenance


Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) (hereinafter referred to as “YMTT”) has been engaged in sales and after-sales service as the exclusive distributor of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech’s magnetic separator 『FINEMAG』in Thailand since 2012. We interviewed Mr. Uchitani, GM of YMTT, and Mr. Hasegawa, GM of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SHIT”), about the features of this product and its advantages when used in conjunction with roller conveyor. We will introduce the detail of the interview in two parts, the Vol.1 and Vol.2.


Recovers more than 90% of dry sludge with excellent dewatering function
Contributes to the beautification of the factory work environment

How to efficiently recover fine sludge generated during metal grinding from the coolant fluid? This is a problem that many metalworking plants are facing with. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech has developed a magnetic separator called “FINEMAG” that addresses this problem head-on and responds to the concerns of its customers.

A magnetic separator is an equipment that collects sludge with a magnetic drum. Currently, the product has a 40% share of the Japanese grinding market. Mr. Hasegawa of SHIT explains the factors behind its support as follows.

“If the surface of the magnetic drum is scratched, the performance will gradually decrease, but due to its design, FINEMAG is less prone to surface damage on the drum, allowing it to maintain its initial performance for an extended period of time. The use of magnetic field analysis for magnet array, fluid analysis for optimizing the coolant flow path, and the standard-equipped forced drive system for moisture removal through dewatering functions have received positive feedback as they enable the recovery of over 90% of dry sludge.”


Magnet Separator Grinding Thailand

▲Image of magnetic field analysis


Magnet Separator Grinding Thailand

▲Forced drive system


Since the FINEMAG can collect the sludge in a dry state, the sludge collection box will not be waterlogged. The ability to keep the work site dry and clean is a major strength of the product.


Strong magnetic force enables recovery of even ultra-hard workpiece materials


Magnet separator Grinding Cutting Thailand

▲FINEMAG “UK Series” for ultra-hard and ultra-precision grinding and cutting operation


The FINEMAG, which was developed 20 years ago, has continued to evolve through a series of minor changes. Recently, there have been developments in achieving a structure that prevents the entry of sludge-laden dirty liquid into the driving components of the separator itself. The company has also introduced the ultra-high magnetic force UK series, which uses a magnetic force of 9,000 gauss, more than twice that of conventional products. Ultra-hard workpiece materials, which were previously difficult to collect, can now be recovered by the magnetic force of 9,000 gauss.


Magnet separator Grinding Cutting Thailand

▲Image of a mechanism that prevents dirty liquid from entering


Magnet separator Grinding Cutting Thailand

▲ Sludge collected in a dry state


Growing awareness of quality and environmental improvements is serving as a tailwind
Complete inventory of standard parts in Thailand! Comprehensive after-sales service

Although sales expansion was not smooth when the product was first launched in Thailand due to name recognition and price issues, high product quality is increasingly being demanded in Thailand, and the growing awareness of yield rate is providing a tailwind.

“In the Thai market, the demand for high-performance magnetic separators has been increasing due to the fact that leaving sludge unrecovered in the coolant fluid can cause damage to products and result in defective items. Moreover, there are multiple benefits to adopting such separators from a maintenance perspective. The FINEMAG can collect sludge in a dewatered state, significantly reducing the effort required for cleaning. Additionally, unlike conventional products that utilize paper filtration, this product improves maintainability by eliminating the need for such filters,” stated Mr. Hasegawa of SHIT.

YMTT, the exclusive distributor in Thailand, provides not only product sales but also meticulous maintenance services.

“We have an inventory of standard parts in Thailand, and have received positive feedback from our customers regarding our ability to provide immediate replacement and adjustment of parts when necessary. We also offer periodic machine checkups through visits by our engineers. We are always ready to accommodate trial runs using our demonstration machines, so please feel free to consult with us,” stated Mr. Uchitani of YMTT.

The company plans to enhance its promotion activities to Western companies as well as local Thai companies in the future.

Vol.2: Advantages of using magnetic separators for cutting and chip conveyors


▲From left, Mr. Hasegawa of SHIT and Mr. Uchitani of YMTT

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Naoki Hasegawa

1998: Joined Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.
After working in Hiroshima, worked for 20 years as a sales representative in Nagoya where automotive processing is thriving
May 2022: Assigned to Thailand as GM of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takayuki Uchitani

1993: Joined Yamada Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Has been visiting Thai subsidiary YMTT, on a business trip basis from 2009
2011: Assigned to Thailand as GM of YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2023: will mark 30 years since joining the company


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