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Magnetic Separator × Chip Conveyor | Cutting quality improvement! Chip collection capacity and coolant fluid filtration function are greatly improved.


Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) (hereinafter referred to as “YMTT”) handles sales and after-sales service as the exclusive distributor in Thailand of 『FINEMAG』magnetic separator from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetec. Continuing from Vol.1, we will introduce the benefits of using this product in combination with a chip conveyor (magnetic roller conveyor) for cutting operations.

Not Just for Grinding operation!
Magnetic separators are also effective on cutting workplaces

When people hear the word “magnetic separator,” they often associate it with grinding applications, but in fact, it is also effective in cutting workplaces.Recently, as the demand for high-quality parts machining has become the standard in Thailand, there are high expectations for the use of magnetic separators in cutting operation.

The use of a magnetic separator in addition to a chip conveyor for chip disposal in cutting operations dramatically increases chip collection capacity and said to also improve the cleanliness of the coolant fluid.

Magnet Separator Grinding Thailand

▲Combined use of FINEMAG and roller conveyor

As shown in the photo, large-shaped chips are collected by a roller conveyor as a primary treatment, and then cutting sludge of 100 microns or less that cannot be collected by the conveyor is recovered by a magnetic separator as a secondary treatment.


<Benefits of combined usage of magnet separator and chip conveyor>

✔ Simplified chip collecting operation
The magnetic roller conveyor has a higher chip collection capacity than the hinged type, and can be easily installed in tanks where sludge is collected manually using a net basket. The increased chip collection capacity also reduces machine breakdowns.

✔ Improved filtration accuracy
The FINE MAG KS model has a newly designed magnet array that enables the collection of cutting sludge, resulting in high accuracy of coolant fluid. This leads to a reduction in clogging of filters and blades, and a reduction in pump failure.

✔ Improvement of factory environment
The special squeezing P-roller, which makes chips less likely to stick, improves the water squeezing function and makes it easier to dispose of collected sludge. This has the effect of improving the overall factory environment by reducing the amount of coolant waste and chip collection costs.


Contributing to labor shortages and automation at manufacturing sites in Thailand
Partnership of YMTT and SHIT in Thailand

The shortage of labor is a serious issue at manufacturing sites in Thailand. In particular, demand for automation of so-called “3D” (Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning) work, such as coolant cleaning, is increasing in Thailand. As a solution that simultaneously achieves “improving the quality of cutting” and “automation to solve labor shortages”, we would like to promote the combination of FINEMAG and magnetic roller conveyor in Thailand. Behind the stable supply of products and services in Thailand is the strong partnership between the two companies.

“We have had a business relationship with YMTT for over 10 years, and they have proven to be a reliable partner. In particular, they have very high feedback from customers for their company-wide efforts in sales and support of FINEMAGs. The strength of YMTT lies in their knowledgeable and experienced local staff, allowing them to provide comprehensive after-sales support,” stated Mr. Hasegawa of SHIT.


“We have established a close collaborative relationship with SHIT, where they provide assistance by participating in meetings and accompanying visits to customers for machine inspections, typically 2-3 days a week. By actually conducting a health checkup of the magnetic separator at the customer’s factory and help them grasp and understand the current situation, they are positively considering the implementation of FINEMAG. We will continue to provide comprehensive support to our customers while maintaining strong alliance between us,” stated Mr. Uchitani of YMTT.


YMTT accepts maintenance not only of magnetic separators but also for unit equipment with conveyors. A demonstration unit of magnetic separator for cutting is also available in Thailand, so trials can be conducted to verify the effectiveness of the system.

▲From left, Mr. Hasegawa of SHIT and Mr. Uchitani of YMTT

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Naoki Hasegawa

1998: Joined Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.
After working in Hiroshima, worked for 20 years as a sales representative in Nagoya, where automotive processing is thriving
May 2022: Assigned to Thailand as GM of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takayuki Uchitani

1993: Joined Yamada Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Has been visiting Thai subsidiary YMTT, on a business trip basis from 2009
2011: Assigned to Thailand as GM of YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2023: will mark 30 years since joining the company


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