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Establishment of our own factory! We provide one-stop support from total system proposal to manufacturing, contributing to the automation of manufacturing in Thailand.


Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) (hereinafter YMTT), relocated its office and established its own factory in April 2022. In this article, we will introduce YMTT’s total system proposal, which has been further enhanced by adding a factory facility to the office.


Providing valuable products as total solutions

The newly built factory is equipped with a large-scale facility that enables us to build systems as finished products. This allows us to take full responsibility for guiding each customer to the optimal system and delivering it as equipment and facilities ready to use.

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) office & own factory

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) YMTT


Features of YMTT’s factory
◎ Supports a wide range of product categories
◎ Various facilities available for precision tools and heavy equipment
◎ Dedicated space for precision tool troubleshooting
◎ 8 engineers (including 1 Japanese)


Since the establishing of our own factory, we have been able to provide support and maintenance with the same quality as manufacturers more than ever!
⇒ Providing a total system (finished product) in a ready-to-use state
⇒ Delivering valuable products at a reasonable price
⇒ Providing an integrated manufacturing and maintenance service at our factory.
⇒ More detailed and speedy service


Examples of system solutions manufactured by YMTT at the new factory

In addition to small products such as precision tools, the company can also handle systems that use large robots and projects with a large number of units.

■Palletizing robot system for a beverage manufacturer
Palletizing robot system Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) YMTT


■Coolant tank system employing Fine Mag.
Coolant tank system Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) YMTT


■Automatic engraving inspection system for automotive parts
Automatic engraving inspection system Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) YMTT


<YMTT specializes in the following product categories>
・Automation and labor saving of production lines (FA)
・Marking system (engraving machines)
・Precision tools
・Coolant tank system
・Mist collectors
・Environmental products for factories
And more


Our Mission: What is the YMTT’s “3 Principles”?

The reason we have come to set up such a large facility is because of the recent increase in FA needs and YMTT’s greater commitment than ever to the functions it must fulfill.

Our raison d’être is to serve as a bridge between manufacturers and users by introducing products that have high value but are not well recognized in Thailand or are not handled by other companies in Thailand. Furthermore, in order to provide a full range of services equivalent to that of manufacturers, we focus on building relationships with manufacturers compared to general trading companies. We have named these features the “YMTT’s 3 principles” and plan to further strengthen them in the future. Our own factory was established to fully demonstrate these characteristics.

★YMTT’s 3 principles
1. Intimate:Focus on good relationships with customers and suppliers
2. Detailed:Carefully exchange information and communication in detail
3. Precision:Create with attention to detail within limited cost and time


“We are making tremendous efforts to create a support system that satisfies our customers. Because of the wide variety of products we handle, we are constantly studying and learning. Through friendly competition with customers and manufacturers, all of our staff strive to acquire knowledge and skills equivalent to those of manufacturers after steady hardship.” – Haruhisa Yamada of Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand)


Main brands handled
PCM / Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech (Fine Mag) / Viruclear & Alcool

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) YMTT

▲YMTT/Engineering Team


Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) YMTT

▲YMTT staff


We handle a wide variety of products such as automation (labor saving) systems, factory environment improvement, precision tools, and marking systems in Thailand. Please feel free to contact us using the form below.