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Recommended for improving the factory environment! ‘FILTERMIST’ oil mist collectors remove oil mist from machining processes


“FILTERMIST” oil mist collectors have been sold in Thailand by Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) (hereinafter, YMTT) since 2014. Due to factors such as the increasing severity of PM2.5 and the difficulty in securing human resources for factory staff, an increasing number of factories in Thailand are proactively implementing measures to improve the factory workplace environment. Under such circumstances, demand for oil mist collectors has been growing steadily over the past five years. In this article, together with Mr. Andreas Johansson, Asia Pacific Region President of Absolent Air Care Group, the owner of FILTERMIST, we would like to introduce the benefits of implementing this product through YMTT.


Long life, high-performance, low maintenance costs … Benefits to be expected from implementing FILTERMIST

The oil mist generated in the machining process is captured at source and separated into clean air and oil by the FILTERMIST unit – the oil can be recirculated to the machine if required. This helps to improve the air quality in the factory and can save oil.


▲ Image of FILTERMIST attached to a machine tool

Benefits of implementing FILTERMIST
✔ Contributes to cost reduction because machine oil can be recycled at the same time as air purification
✔ Low power consumption and energy saving due to the centrifugal method that does not require a thick filter
✔ Easy to replace, long-life afterfilters designed to capture sub-micron oil mist particles generated in high-pressure coolant applications
✔ Low installation cost and high-performance compared to similar products from other companies


Customers who have installed this product have given, at a high repeat rate, additional equipment orders. It is the product with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Confirm the improvement effect before implementation by on-site environment measurement service and demo equipment trial

At YMTT, we perform an air environment test at the customer’s factory before implementation and measure the current level of oil mist emissions. In addition, we install a demo equipment on a trial basis, and after the customer understands the improvement rate, we install the actual equipment. YMTT is the only company in Thailand that provides such measurement services.


FILTERMIST environment measurement service

▲On-site test, trial installation


“Thailand is an important area market for our business. We feel that it will grow in the future after overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic. YMTT has developed product expertise and engineering capabilities through years of experience in sales of FILTERMIST, and we have confidence in their service. We feel that their strength lies in the ability to provide a full range of services, from sales to after-sales service, through their own staff in Thailand. In cooperation with YMTT, which can provide high-quality services from the customer’s perspective, we would like to work to further expand sales of Absolent Air Care Group products such as FITERMIST to the ASEAN area market.” (Mr. Andreas Johansson of Absolent Air Care Group)



Full stock of FILTERMIST in Thailand! Immediate delivery available

YMTT engineers are trained directly by the manufacturer and have the correct knowledge and experience in FILTERMIST handling. Therefore, we are able to provide consistent support from equipment installation to maintenance. Our response time is fast and reliable.

Furthermore, we have abundant stock in Thailand, which enables us to offer the product for immediate delivery. Please feel free to try the on-site environment test and the trial with the demo equipment.


FILTERMIST YAMADA Machine Tool Absolent

▲ From the left: Mr. Andreas Johansson of Absolent and Mr. Yamada of YMTT


Absolent Air Care Group

Absolent Air Care Group is a global air cleaning company that provides customized solutions for industrial production processes and commercial kitchens. Absolent Air Care Group has a head office in Sweden and operates its business in through subsidiaries in 16 countries as well as through a network of carefully selected distributors in more than 60 countries. The company’s main branded products include a lineup of oil mist filters and dust filters that are used in a wide range of industries.

Mr.Andreas Johansson/President APAC


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