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PCM Service Center in ASEAN provides after sales and maintenance services to countries in the ASEAN region; service we are ready to provide with expertise and speed within 24 hours.


YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand) or YMTT, the sole official Tooling Special Model dealer from PCM (PCM Willen SA) in Thailand. PCM has produced and developed more than 60 new models per year, making it able to meet the needs of various industries. The most popular product in Thailand is the Live Tool, which is applied to a lathe to integrate the production process, thereby reducing number of employees, the amount of machine usage, and working time.

For this article, we recommend the PCM Service Center in ASEAN, which is a distribution center and provides after-sales service for maintenance, repair in case of Tooling failure or providing advice on proper use in Thailand and countries in ASEAN, where YMTT can respond to customer needs and repair damaged Tooling quickly, and in urgent cases, the company can return it within 24 hours.

 PCM operation zone for repairs and maintenance in YMTT

▲ PCM operation zone for repairs and maintenance in YMTT

Tooling can be returned after repairs within 24 hours, which is a key strength of YMTT.

Usually, Special Tools have to be sent overseas for repair, which takes about 2-3 months to transport and repair. In addition, there are costs for transportation and service for repairing, but if purchasing Tooling products from PCM, YMTT is ready to provide after-sales service such as repair in case of failure with analysis of the cause of the problem and scheduled maintenance. This allows customers to significantly reduce the time and cost of transportation and repair. For customers in the vicinity such as Wellgrow Industrial Estate and the Eastern Region, we can respond quickly within 24 hours, repairing and replacing parts within the date of notification and returning the next day.

 PCM stock in YMTT

▲ PCM stock in YMTT that has been prepared for customers.

In addition, YMTT also collects data on the usage of each Tool model that customers use, and stocks spare parts for that model, so customers can be confident that we can perform repairs and replace parts as soon as we are notified.

In addition to fast maintenance and a sufficient stock of spare parts for use, we are also ready to provide advice and consultation on usage in case customers encounter repeated problems, which may be caused by abnormal use or the use of the Tool that is not suitable for the operation by providing advice to customers in order to use the Tool to match the job characteristics and have a longer service life.

With the cooperation and support from PCM (PCM Willen SA), which is the manufacturer. This allows our service team to provide expert service.

Since PCM is familiar with the structure of NC automatic lathes, if the customer knows the workpiece to be processed and the model and function of the NC automatic lathe, we can develop a rotary tool that provides the best performance within the limits. (faster, stronger, precision) The staff of PCM service center also participates in web meetings from the structural development and accumulates the structure of PCM tools as knowledge.

Because YMTT is the sole Tooling dealer from PCM in Thailand and ASEAN countries. This gives us huge knowledge and expertise in PCM Tooling, and we have received support from PCM, which is the manufacturer as followings:

1. Have received technical training from PCM

Since YMTT is a distributor in Thailand and ASEAN countries, we have received technical training from Tooling manufacturer directly. YMTT will send technicians to PCM in Switzerland for approximately 2 weeks for training and because PCM has always wanted to develop products to meet the needs, training is held every 2 years to develop knowledge for distributors.

2. Update Tooling information through monthly meetings.

Every month, YMTT and PCM hold a PCM Technical Conference to discuss and share progress on Tooling repairs. At the same time, they also share information about case studies with each other, providing YMTT with information about a variety of Tooling issues so that they can respond to repair quickly.

3. Tools used in the operation

YMTT also receives Special Tool support from PCM for use in repairs and operations. This is why we are specialists in PCM Tooling in Thailand and ASEAN countries.

Special Tool supported by PCM

▲ Special Tool supported by PCM.

Current, there are many customers who use Tooling from PCM and are satisfied with the quick after-sales service, and we are committed to continually improving our knowledge regarding Tooling with PCM.

▲ From the left, Khun Phumraphee, Engineer Group Leader, and Khun Kwanjai, Sales Engineer

Phumraphee Saenjaikla
Engineer Group Leader

Year 2011 Started working in YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand), responsible for all after-sales services such as maintenance, repair, and problem analysis for customers.

Khwanjai Kaeobang
Sale Representative

Year 2020 Started working in YAMADA Machine Tool (Thailand), responsible for tooling distribution and coordination with customers.

If you are interested in Tooling from PCM or would like to learn more about the basic usage, you can contact us through the form as below.