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Clean the indoor air with the combination of an ultrasonic atomizer ‘ViruClear atomizer’ and hypochlorite water ‘ViruClear water’ !


 ViruClear Atomizer VC-JM-301

▲ ViruClear Atomizer “VC-JM-301”


Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) (hereinafter referred to YMTT) is selling the ultrasonic atomizer “ViruClear Atomizer” in Thailand. An ultrasonic atomizer is literally a device that uses ultrasonic waves to atomize liquids and spray them in air. In addition to water, ultrasonic atomizers can also be used to spray other solutions such as hypochlorite water, slightly acidic electrolyzed water, disinfectant deodorants, and aromatic liquids from various solution manufacturers. It is also widely used in humidification and atomization experiments conducted at universities and research institutes.


ViruClear Atomizer VC-JM-200, VC-JM1000, VC-JM-301

▲ From the left, “VC-JM-200”, “VC-JM1000”, “VC-JM-301”


The element called piezoelectric ceramic is used in the ultrasonic atomizer “ViruClear Atomizer”. This material is a polycrystalline ceramic made by baking high-purity powders (titanium oxide, barium oxide, etc.) at a high temperature, and when making it vibrate by applying voltage, ultrasonic waves are generated. By irradiating these ultrasonic waves from within the liquid to the surface, the liquid is atomized into a mist as extremely fine particles of several μm.


Features of ViruClear Atomizer

(1) Extremely fine particles
Unlike ordinary heating type humidifiers, etc., the particles of the liquid are very fine, so they can be sprayed without wetting the surrounding area.

(2) Longer time for particles to stay in the air
Fine particles are easily diffused and stay in the air longer than that of heating type humidifiers.

(3) Particles are in contact with a wider unit area
Since the particles stay in the air for a long time and are finer, the surface area that comes into contact with substances that cause odors, etc. becomes large, making the deodorizing and sterilizing action of hypochlorite water more efficient.

(4) Special durability for hypochlorite water
The special coating of the oscillator makes it safe to spray hypochlorite water (when used in general humidifiers, it causes corrosion of metal, deterioration of rubber and other problems that can lead to failure).


▲ “VC-JM-200” that can be hung on wall (left) “VC-JM1000” that can be used in a large room (right)


Effect of hypochlorite water “ViruClear Water” and the Ultrasonic atomizer “ViruClear Atomizer”


The ViruClear Atomizer is a device that can not only humidify a room, but also spray a variety of chemical solutions. By using ViruClear made with the hypochlorite water generator ViruClear Atomizer sold by us, it can be used to deodorize a space.



ViruClear water is hypochlorite water with a high effective chlorine concentration of up to 200ppm, safely produced in a slightly acidic state of pH 5-6.5 by a unique original manufacturing method. (Use in atomizers is limited to 50ppm or less.)

Hypochlorite water was designated as a food additive in Japan in June 2002, and its high bactericidal properties and safety are described in the materials of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. In the microbiology laboratories of Japanese universities, there have been experimental results for inactivating influenza virus and norovirus using hypochlorous acid water for a long time, and now the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, has newly evaluated the effectiveness of hypochlorite water as an alternative disinfection method against the new coronavirus. In June last year, it was proven that hypochlorite water of 35ppm or higher can inactivate 99.99% of the virus in 20 seconds.

In addition, the atomizer is a device that sprays hypochlorite water, and many places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and public restrooms in Japan have introduced this product for the purpose of antibacterial treatment of bacteria that cause odors.

ViruClear Water

YMTT’s ViruClear Water has been confirmed to be safe for the human body. Even if you use it indoors with an air conditioner, there is no problem of health damage and you can use it with peace of mind. If you have any questions about COVID-19 countermeasures using this device, please contact us.





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