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[Thailand / case study of laser marking machine implementation] In the case of Raise Engineering (Thailand), which sells couplers for leak testing


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▲ President Yamada / Yamada Machine Tool (left) and MD Kumano / Raise Engineering (Thailand) (right)


Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) sells various marking machines and special tools. In this article, we shall introduce a case study for implementing a laser marking machine in Thailand.


Add value to custom-made couplers for leak testing with a marking machine

Raise Engineering (Thailand) (head office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) manufactures and sells “couplers” used in leak testing for things such as automobiles and air conditioners.

The company’s couplers are made-to-order. Its strength is “one-design per each-item” custom-made products. Each coupler is basically one-of-a-kind and delivered with the logo of the customer and the product model type marked.

We talked with MD Shota Kumano of the company and President Yamada of Yamada Machine Tool about the implementation of the laser marking machine.


▲ “Coupler” used in leak testing


It is difficult to engrave on metal products manually (roller marking machine)

Roller marking machine

▲ Roller marking machine that has been used before


According to MD Kumano, the company used to manually engrave model numbers one by one using a roller marking machine. “The quality of the marking was not stable because the accuracy varies depending on the operator who was engraving it.”


【Problems with roller marking machines 】

① It is troublesome to adjust the distance between the object (coupler) and the roller before actually engraving
② Since the size of each item is different, adjustment is required each time
③ Even once operators are used to it, sometimes engraving error occurs.
(If that happens, the engraving can only be erased by grinding the surface of the coupler.)
④ Because it is a roller type, it cannot engrave a flat surface (seal jig, etc.)
⑤ Since various materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc. are used for the object, the depth of the engraving is uneven


Before and after the implementation of laser marking machines

When implementing a new marking machine, MD Kumano requested a laser type. “I gave only an idea of the budget level and left the selection of a laser marking machine model to them.”

Upon receiving his request, the laser marking machine selected by Yamada Machine Tool was the all-in-one “WeLaseTM” manufactured by Gravotech (France).



A laser marking machine usually requires not only the main body, but also peripherals such as a jig for adjusting the height of the work piece and a safety cover to protect against the light and heat of the laser. However, because the WeLaseTM is an integrated type, it saves us from the trouble of arranging peripherals.


▲ Small and space-saving (left) Can perform markings on small objects such as the back of a ring (right)


【Features of WeLase】

① There are almost no consumable parts
② Can be used immediately after purchase
③ High performance at a low price compared to other brands
④ Portable and space-saving
⑤ Rich in design functions such as fonts that can be engraved, character decorations and figures. Logo import is also possible.
⑥ Marking data can be stored, reproduced, and edited
⑦ Automatic engraving of 360 degrees is possible (jewelry option required)
⑧ High versatility with optional software that can be installed according to the application



“Even at a low price, it has all the necessary functions. It is not suitable for mass-produced products that produce many pieces per minute, but it can be used in a craft-like way. For a company like Raise, it is effective when a beautiful marking is required at the site of high-mix low-volume production and prototype development. (President Yamada)”

If you compare the photos below, the difference in performance between a roller marking machine and the laser marking machine “WeLaseTM” is obvious.

Before: Roller marking machine can only make simple manual engraving



After: Fine and highly designed markings such as the company logo is possible



“This time, all the problems of marking that we had were able to be solved. We also had Thai engineers trained at the time of delivery; furthermore, even when there were unfamiliar points in the first handling, they promptly responded to our questions. If you are having trouble selecting a marking machine, we recommend Yamada Machine Tool,” said MD Kumano.



Interview cooperation: RAISE ENGINEERING (THAILAND)

Managing Director
“Although couplers are cool, their public awareness is extremely low.” He created an Instagram account to display the attractiveness of couplers.


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