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[Thailand / Kaizen] Strong alkaline ionized water with a pH of 12.5 is the decisive factor in improving processing efficiency in the manufacturing industry and the environment improvement for the factory!


ALCOOL is selling, is a strong alkaline ionized water generator, originally developed for cleaning iron parts in 2003.

Alkaline ionized water

Up to the present, we have achieved a sales record of over 410 units to the automobile-related manufacturing industries in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Among them, YMTT has sales record of 30 units in Thailand and Vietnam, mainly for processing coolant applications.

ALCOOL can generate 30L of strong alkaline ionized water of pH 12.5 every hour at 20 ℃.
Strong alkaline ionized water has been proven to have the following effects in a production factory.

Rust prevention: Prevents rust by forming a film on the surface of iron
Cooling: Prevents scales on products such as chiller circuits and maintains new condition with rust prevention and anti-corrosion effects
Grinding: Increase productivity by drastic extension of dressing cycle and improvement of processing conditions
Cleaning: Demonstrate high cleaning power without mixing detergent
Cutting: Improves the permeability of coolant, drastic extension and anti-corrosion effects of tool life

As for the principle of rust prevention effect, by using this water on iron for cleaning, the iron content on the surface of the material that comes into contact with the water causes a hydroxylation reaction to form a film of iron hydroxide (FeOH-). Since this is a counter electrode chemical reaction of iron oxide (FeO2 etc.), it has the effect of delaying the occurrence of rust.

Further, in cutting, the wettability of the tool tip is dramatically improved due to the strong penetrating action adopted for the interfacial boundary between the cutting tool and the material at the processing point, effectively removing the heat generated at the point. As a result, many users have their tool life extended more than twice the norm with processing such as large diameter tapping of highly viscous material that is likely to have problems occur due to the heat at the tool tip.

In grinding, which has the most cases, there are many examples for the effect of constantly cleaning the grindstone while processing, that significantly improves the clogging reduction of the grindstone and drastically increases the dressing cycle by 5 to 20 times (depending on the material and other conditions).

Alkaline ionized water

▲The left is normal water. The right shows metal parts that have been soaked in strong alkaline ionized water for a long time.


High detergency and bactericidal effect utilizing strong alkaline ionized water are attracting attention

Strong alkaline ionized water also has a bactericidal effect due to its excellent ability to dissolve sebum and proteins. For example, there is a case of cleaning equipment for a butcher factory in Japan. A lot of protein stains (blood etc.) and fat adhere to the meat processing equipment, but on the other hand, detergent is not possible to be applied in daily cleaning since it is for food, so it is common to wash with high pressure hot water or steam. It is not possible to remove stains such as protein and fat satisfactorily just by pouring hot water on it. In addition, although it is generally sterilized with alcohol or hypochlorous acid-based chemicals, its detergency is weak, resulting in sterilization of only the surface layer, and the bacteria inside the stains are at risk of remaining and breeding.

In Japan, we independently conducted a verification test comparing the cleaning effect on protein stains and fat content with strong alkaline water and neutral detergent. As a result, the neutral detergent diluted solution was sprayed with high pressure steam for 30 seconds to remove protein and fat but in vain. However, with the strong alkaline ionized water, both the protein and the fat fell to a level where no reaction occurred with the reagent under the same conditions.

Further, according to the verification results in a public laboratory in Japan, it was confirmed that bacteria that cause food poisoning such as Escherichia coli, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Salmonella, O157, etc. nearly all die in 30 seconds. These features are also effective for cleaning and sterilizing surgical tools and operating rooms in medical facilities and inside hospitals. In addition, YMTT plans to sell a device beginning in May that can produce a large amount of hypochlorous acid water with high chlorine concentration that can be used as a germicide after removing stains.


To companies and factories who want to actually try ALCOOL’s strong alkaline ionized water, samples are being provided free of charge!

We are carrying out a promotion on sample presentation of strong alkaline ionized water. Up to 20L according to customers’ application will be given out as present! If you are interested in the implementation, please contact us by phone. It is also possible to visit your factory and make a proposal.

■ Example of strong alkaline ionized water usage
・ For cooling grinding equipment
・ Factory cleaning and sanitization


■If you are interested in YMTT’s ALCOOL and strong alkaline ionized water, please contact us using the form below.