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Yamada Machine Tool, Toward Optimization in the Manufacturing Industry. Realizing the combination between PCM Live Tool and CITIZEN Cincom A20.



Yamada Machine Tool

“A complaint from customers is a chance to make business more successful.” This was said by Haruhisa Yamada of Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd (hereafter YMTT).

YMTT is a unique company that offers products and services you cannot find anywhere else in the Southeast Asian market.

In the manufacturing field, they have achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction by providing many kinds of interesting products that are created from an unusual prospect. A good example is a tandem between “Cincom,” one of Citizen Machinery’s brands and a new live tool from a Swiss tool-holder maker, “PCM Willen SA (hereafter PCM)”.

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


“Cincom and PCM are a familiar combo in Europe. They have been favored by many end users in the machining industry for more than 25 years in Switzerland, where precision machinery is famous,” said Koshiishi of Citizen Machinery.

Yamada says, “We introduced PCM to the Thai market 11 years ago, and it’s only for the last three years that it started to sell. Until recently, advanced machining using machine tools was so not common in developing countries, and it was mostly done in developed countries. However, in recent years, people in procurement have started to think outside the box: “as long as we can have the equipment and the environment we need to conduct advanced machining, why not?””

“We have responded to the ever-changing needs of industry, challenging the most demanding requirements,” said Stephen in PCM.PCM’s technology is highly rated. For example, they have succeeded in installing a gear hobbing in a lathe for Cincom, which makes it possible for them to conduct complete machining for gears in one lathe process, which means a cost reduction and better first pass yield for customers, so inevitably it has become a great hit.

Citizen Machinery

PCM Willen SA


“In the face of the current recession, the need for highly advanced manufacturing to give parts a high added-value is on the rise in Southeast Asia; in particular, special processing such as whirling processing for medical equipment and gear processing for electric parts suitable for motorization. Cincom and PCM is definitely a valid solution,” said Yamada.

“The Southeast Asian market requires speed in business. Solutions that can provide machinery and also knowledge how to operate them are needed. In such an environment, YMTT with its flexibility and speciality and PCM with a great performance history in Switzerland, a nation of advanced compound manufacturing technology, make a great team,” said Koshiishi with a smile.



Yamada says at the end of the interview. “We often get complaints from the clients because what they want for their specialized order is not exactly the same as what the suppliers think it is. So, we keep trying to provide what is needed until our customers are satisfied. And they give us another challenge to make us work harder again! Every time a customer complains, we learn something new. We understand that the profit in business comes after both customers and suppliers are satisfied.”

YMTT’s view: See the world as a challenger who believes that failure leads to success, learning through trial and error with suppliers all over the world. Even a financial depression cannot slow them down.