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The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group will advance to Thailand! Achieve quick service response for FINE MAG by the tag of the manufacturer and distributor


Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. ‘s coolant processing equipment “FINE MAG”, which boasts a top-class share in the world. In Thailand, Yamada Machine Tool handles sales and services as the authorized distributor.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group (hereinafter referred to as “SHI”) will advance into Thailand in January 2020, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech will also set up a base in Thailand. (The name of the new company: Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd.) This will enable Yamada Machine Tool to provide customers with faster and more detailed services than ever before.

We interviewed Mr. Haruhisa Yamada, the President of the company, and Mr. Yuki Handa, the Engineering Supervisor.


Top share in the industry! What is the magnetic separator “FINE MAG” that defies conventional wisdom?

The FINE MAG of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. is a magnetic separator (coolant processing equipment) which removes and collects solidified product in machinery oil, metal powder, and other sediment (sludge) generated during the process of polishing and other processes by magnetic force. It has a market share of over 40% in Japan.

FINE MAG Magnet separator

▲The new “UK” model, which is also effective for carbide metal processing.


The reason for the No.1 share is the high sludge collection ability and squeezing performance.
In the case of the magnet separators of other companies, sludge gradually accumulates in the machine since the coolant liquid is reused by circulating with the remaining sludge. To operate the machine in the best condition at all times, it is necessary to clean the coolant tank and dispose of this accumulated sludge periodically.

However, it is said that the machine must be stopped during cleaning, and since the disposal of muddy sludge is laborious and costly, it is often operated without maintenance. Then, it is Fine mMg that has solved these problems by improving the adsorption power of sludge by the magnets’ arrangement based on magnetic field analysis technology and discharging sludge in a dry condition.

FINE MAG Magnet separator

▲Left:Current FINE MAG  Right:Old type product of the same company The latest product has greatly improved draining performance!


After-sales service and localization of FINE MAG in Thailand that only Yamada Machine Tool can handle

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) provides a 1-year after-sales service to help customers to use the product with peace of mind. This includes maintenance and machine operation training at the customer’s site.

Mr. Handa says that “FINE MAG is the main product of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, which we are handling, but if we have a request, we may guide the requesting company to other products. Also, our products can be localized according to the application, so please feel free to consult with us first.”


Speedy support and services become available due to the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group’s advance to Thailand

Mr. Yamada talked about the services and support that will be improved by the SHI Group’s advance to Thailand

“In the past, when a customer made an inquiry for replacement or repair of a part, it took time even for an urgent case since we needed to contact SHI in Japan, and after we received a response from SHI, we contacted the customer. However, when SHI has its sales office in Thailand, this turnaround time can be greatly reduced, and the response will be significantly fast. Also, the time required to diagnose machine-related problems and for decision-making will be shorter than ever.

Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) will strengthen the cooperation system in Thailand as the authorized distributor of SHI. In addition to the existing after-sales support, faster and more flexible service support can be expected.


Outline of the new Thai company of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group

Company name:Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Company address:23rd Floor, Unit2310, Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier 689 Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
TEL No.:+66(0)2-261-3720
FAX No.:+66-(0)2-261-3722


Message from the person in charge of the manufacturers

Mr. Ryuji Takeshima
Coolant system sales department, Overseas sales team
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.


“Since 2012, I have been supporting on a business trip basis as the manufacturer with the cooperation of local sales and service support of our coolant treatment equipment products by Yamada Machine Tool, but we will use the newly establish Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd. as the service base in Thailand from January 2020.

In the future, we will solve problems on a just-in-time basis with Yamada Machine Tool for customers in Thailand. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding coolant treatment.
Also, since we will carry out the service inspection in Thailand (No matter which manufacturer, we will inspect all magnetic separators in the customer’s factory.) of magnetic separators, which is popular with customers in Japan as planned maintenance and preventive maintenance, please feel free to contact us to grasp the current situation.”


■If you have a problem with sludge in Thailand, or you are looking for a magnetic separator and coolant processing equipment, please contact us via the form below.