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[Thailand / FA] Not just markers (stamping machines)!Yamada Machine Tool contributes to FA also with equipment using robots


It has been about 10 years that we have been present in Thailand. Thanks to our customers, we have received many inquiries about laser markers, 2D code sand other stamping machines, special tools, and environmental improvement equipment; and we feel that our recognition in Thailand is growing.
At present, we are taking on new initiatives that meet the needs of the times in addition to the products mentioned above.


Focus also on equipment including robots and factory automation (FA) business

Over the past 10 years, the manufacturing environment in Thailand has been changing rapidly due to soaring labor costs and the sophistication of “Thailand 4.0”, an industry promoted by the government. Labor saving, space saving, and automation (FA) are particularly important keywords.
Amid such market changes, we are focusing on equipment and FA business including robots as a new business area.

robots and factory automation (FA) business

What are the merits of implementing robots in Thailand and converting to FA?

In general, the price of robots is gradually decreasing. However, the cost of implementing them is very high. Assuming that the work done by employees is replaced with robots, the cost of implementation will be very high if labor costs are simply compared with implementation costs.
However, in the long run, there is a possibility of gaining more benefits besides than just the implementation cost.

● In Thailand, the retention rate of employees is generally low, and training is required every time employees are replaced. The introduction of robots can reduce recruitment and training costs and teaching time.
● Eliminates the need to engage in dangerous work or heavy labor, ensuring employee safety and reducing work burdens and dissatisfaction.
● Robots always produce stable quality products. Quality stability increases the trust in the company and, as a result, contributes to increasing sales.

The implementation of robots has positive effects in many aspects, such as work efficiency, safety, and cost, and can improve operation efficiency in many ways.

imulation of equipment with robotization

▲Simulation of equipment with robotization for parts input to processing machine
The parts weighed about 10kg, and there was an inquiry about robotization in consideration of worker safety.


Leave everything from robot settings (SI) to equipment combination with various devices.

If the demand for robots increases in the future, there will be an overwhelming shortage of companies capable of robot engineering (system integration).
We have a track record of introducing robots to customers, such as palletizing robots for loading packages on pallets.
Our strength is that we can perform everything from system design to setting (system integration) using robots. Therefore, there are basically no restrictions such as work genre, size, weight, etc., and it is also possible to correspond to the original operation. We are also putting effort into robot education for Thai staff, and we are demonstrating our strength in user education and troubleshooting.
Another advantage of our company is that we can design in total as a series of equipment including a marking device and an inspection device by incorporating a robot into the work process.

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Please feel free to contact us when considering the use of FA including robots.
We will make a comprehensive proposal by combining various technologies and products in areas that Yamada Machine Tool has strengths, such as marking equipment, various tools and equipment, and system integration.


Introducing person in charge

Engineering Supervisor, Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand)
Joined Yamada Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in 2016. After gaining experience in electrical design at the Head Office Marking System Division, he was assigned to the Thai corporation in June 2017 and was placed in charge of marking device production and FA related business.


For details on our FA (automation) service, please contact us through the inquiry form below.