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“Yamada Machine Tool Co., Ltd.” is a specialized manufacturer of stamping machines. Its Thai corporation “Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand)” provides marking equipment that are “in demand now” in accordance with the needs of the times. This time, we asked President Haruhisa Yamada about the company’s marking solution.

Marking station Yamada Machine

President Haruhisa Yamada (in front of EMO Hannover 2019)

The needs for marking are rapidly increasing in Thailand due to exports to developed countries.

In recent years in Thailand, auto parts manufacturers are increasingly exporting products to developed countries, such as those in North America and Europe. Along with this, changes in specifications have occurred due to security issues, and the needs for marking have emerged.

Due to the such a background, Mr. Yamada says, “I hear many voices saying ‘We need marking equipment that is cheap and quick’ when facing this urgent necessity.” Japanese affiliated companies often make inquiries to Japanese manufacturers in Thailand, but many of the products from Japanese manufacturers are full-spec proposals, with various functions and options from the beginning, and the price is high. However, the fact is that not all functions are used for on-site marking. In addition, since it is necessary to make adjustments with equipment manufacturers separately for the installation of equipment, it takes time and effort on the ordering side, and there is a large management risk.


Cheap and fast to use! Yamada Machine marking stations can realize it with a total proposal

Yamada Machine Tool has a unique solution recommended for the situation like this.

The company has been selling TECHNIFOR brand marking equipment from Gravotech in Thailand, but this time it has begun handling low-priced unit products of the laser marker “F20”. In addition, a unique “marking station” using this product is now gaining popularity.

This marking station is a simple mechanism that carries parts on a table and marks them with a laser. The height of the workbench is set accordingly for many different sites, and the size of the target parts is set according to the volume zone.

Marking station Laser marker Technifor

▲Marking station (left) and laser marker Technifor “F20” installed in the station (right)


<4 features of the Yamada Machine Tool marking station>

① Price advantage: Other than the basic functions of laser marking, it is optional. It is reasonably priced with only basic functions. It can be offered as equipment with the minimum required specifications at low price.

②Short delivery time: Simple specifications can be delivered in about 10 weeks!

③Total proposal: Not only the marking equipment but also the traceability peripheral equipment including reading/authentication! Reliable with a total proposal and support.

④) Achievements as equipment: Consistent support from trial to equipment production. The basic functions are standardized, and there are multiple installation results in Thailand.

“From the time it becomes necessary to the time when marking can actually be done, how can high quality products be made in a short time and at low cost? We are confident that we will provide the best solutions to meet that need,” says Mr. Yamada.


New release in Thailand, low-priced version of Technifor’s Fiber Series F20

Laser markers have a high degree of freedom and are often selected as the top on a list as candidates when considering marking equipment. The new low-priced version of Technifor’s laser marker “F20” is limited in its use to metal materials such as aluminum and iron, but its striking point is its low price, which is about 60% of the price of Japanese markers.

Fiber Series F20


▲With Technifor representative at EMO Hannover (EMO Show)

Technifor products have the advantage of high-power lasers, and can do marking quickly. The basic function is marking on a smooth surface, and an optional 3D marking (marking on uneven surfaces), autofocus, and 2D code authentication/reading camera system are available.

The company promotes proposals for equipment by combining markers and peripheral devices. If you are interested in laser markers and marking stations (equipment), why not consult the company?

If you are looking for marking products/equipment in Thailand, please contact us using the inquiry form below.