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Low Cost Indelible Marking in Thailand! Dot-pin Marking Device TECHNIFOR”


In the last article, I explained the reasons for the expanding importance of marking in Thailand and introduced a portable ink-jet marking device, which we suggested for manufacturers in many industries. ‘Last article’ I want to describe the dot-pin marking device, which is attractive as a marking method for automotive parts here.


What is Dot-Pin Marking?

The Dot-pin method is a way to mark letters, numbers, and symbols on any object’s surface using dots created by a marking pin that is driven by air pressure or electric. It is an alternative method to laser marking and punch marking, which were conventionally used to print on automotive parts and others.

Marking Dot pin

More Accurate Traceability, More Additional Value by Marking in Thailand

Lately in Thailand, not only for the production for the domestic market but also with the opportunities to export products from Thailand to North America, Europe, and Japan have increased. Under such markets, if market claims are got out on the table, the speed and accuracy with which manufacturers can discover the reasons and create solutions directly link to the scale of damage to the manufacturers. Therefore, linking of information, referred to as traceability, which describes the details of products in the market has become a more significant matter. Furthermore, indelible marking will be absolutely necessary in Thailand to prevent theft and imitation, and to increase scarcity to make it more valuable.


Good for Manufacturing in Thailand! Features of TECHNIFOR Dot-pin Making Device

“Technifor” is one of the brands from the Gravotech group, which are French manufacturers. They have a network in more than 100 countries, and they are a leading company in the semi-permanent marking fields.

Big 3 Points of Dot-Pin Marking Device

①Even on the attached surfaces of workpieces, markings won’t easily be erased because this device stamps directly on the surface of the products!
②The price is about 1/5 that of laser marking devices, offering a low initial cost!
③User-friendly interface and a flexible program make marking letters and codes highly controllable

The IMPACT series, which is an entry model, is equipped with a liquid crystal touch panel, a column, and marking pen as standard. If using an offline or semi-automatic process, users can see the high-quality marking right after purchase. Automation has been progressing in Thailand, but not all processes are automated, and there must be someone to operate the devices. Therefore, we expect that this need is especially high for middle-class companies in Thailand.

The portable marking device named XE320Cp which recently came out is easy to carry with a very light 2kg marking head to set up on workpieces and mark them. This is best for large workpieces, such as the identification of ingots of material and construction material size and time stamp of delivery places.

Technifor – Gravotech –

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Yamada Machine Tool’s Sales Performance of Technifor in Thailand

We had started sales of Technifor in Japan in the 1990s, even before Yamada Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd was established, and have more than 25-years of sales history for Technifor. We also have sold more than 50 units in Thailand; thus, we can offer products and supply after service in Thai and Japanese based on our experiences.

*These are the Portable model and Desktop model

Dot-Pin Marking Device

Portable Model Dot-pin Marking Device

Dot-Pin Marking Device

Desktop Dot-pin Marking Device

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