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[Traceability in Thailand] Drastically More Precise Traceability with Optimal Marking [HANDJET EBS-260]


Nowadays, high level quality control is required, and the demand for marking devices and marking press devices increases at manufacturing sites across various industries.
Today, we are introducing the “HandJet® EBS-260” made by EBS Ink-Jet Systeme GmbH, known as a marking press machine specialized manufacturer from Germany, which we highly recommend.

What are the reasons for the increasing significance of marking devices in Thailand?

*A system which is able to trace and control production processes and logistic routes by marking, Traceability ( referred to the last article) In many fields, high level traceability is required because high quality and accuracy are required in Thailand.

Conventionally it was common sense to mark by hand-writing on large parts and materials in Thailand; however, it was possible to cause incorrect delivery and other big bungles because hand-written marking differs from person to person, and it’s often read incorrectly. Not only economic loss but also the confidence of customers can be lost. It has been a big problem that wrong handling lead to opportunity loss in Thailand.

Under this situation, marking with clear and beautiful letters that anyone can read is important. The marking device realizes reader-friendly marking by directly printing letters on ink-jet prints and products.

Handjet EBS-260

Yamada Machine Tools recommends “HandJet® EBS-260” that enables anyone to easily apply optimal marking

Ink-Jet marking device-“HandJet® EBS-260”- introduced here has the features listed below

①Unique creativity in the world, Increase Efficiency and Accuracy of Marking
It contributes to improved productivity because it is possible to mark various sizes of letters and mark 4 lines at the same time. It also leads to more accuracy with the marking guide laser, which is able to precisely locate marking spots.

②Anyone can easily operate and optimally mark objects
It weighs only about 1.6kg, which is very light and convenient to carry. This device is able to mark on various kinds of materials, such as glass, concrete, metal and wood. It can connect to a PC via Wi-fi or Bluetooth and can connect to barcode readers with USB or other data storage devices. The Handjet EBS-260 is comfortable with touch-panel operation.

③Allow 2D Code Marking, Improve Accuracy of Traceability
It was impossible, in the past, to mark 2D (2-dimensional) code, but this device allows 2D code marking that enables vast information to be marked, and traceability will be drastically improved.

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Handjet EBS-260

(Image of 2D code marking)


[HandJet® EBS-260]


In logistics, events and more, Ink-jet Marking Devices can be used in a Wide Range of Fields

We first tried this product in 2015. Our staff in the head office in Japan found this product in a movie clip of a German company, and we decided it had high potential. Haruhisa Yamada, the President, and Thai local staff went to Germany from Thailand to learn how to operate the HandJet, and started sales in Japan and Thailand. In Thailand, we distribute the hand-jet as the exclusive agency in Thailand.

Mainly logistics companies and material manufacturers, such as resin, installed in Thailand, and regardless of Japanese or Thai companies give us a favorable reception. Lately, this ink-jet marker has gathered interest from media and food related industries, too.

In Europe, this device is a widely popular product because it is used at the events of famous sport brands, production sites and logistics and other events.

Handjet EBS-260


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