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Axial milling unit

There are several kind of axial milling unit for each purpose. Facing cut and cross cut are up to machine type and tool post position. Please check blow live tools for several purpose.

Decelerating unit

If rotary tool motor torque is not enough and it’s necessary more cutting turque for heavy duty tools like large drills or endmills, PCM can provide decelerating units. Machine motor RPM : tool RPM ⇒ 2:1. It makes more cutting torque.

Accelerating unit (Speeder unit)

If it is necessary to turn more speed for small drills or endmills, PCM can provide accelerating units. Machine motor RPM : tool RPM ⇒ 1:2, 1:3, 1:3.8. It makes more stability cutting and shorten cycle time for small tools

Coolant through

If it’s necessary more fine surface and longer tool life for deep hole, PCM can provide coolant through units. It’s possible to conbine accelerating and decelerating too.

Axial or radial ? :

Axial unit

Radial unit

ATTENTION: It is complicated for the direction. But PCM can offer the correct unit if there is information machine model number and drawing of product.