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Cut Knurling Wheels & Spare Parts




Spare parts set for cut knurling wheels

These spare parts are available as set:

Mounting / exchanging the knurling wheels Wear parts

Clean the supporting surface of the bush and the wheel carrier. It is necessary that the bush(es) and the knurling wheel(s) are given a thin coat of paste G. When mounting the knurling wheels, make sure that, with the locking screw snugly tight, the wheels turn easily but have no play.

Bushes, cover disks and screws used to mount the knurling cutters to the various tools are wear parts and must be replaced

Distance cut knurling closed to shoulder

In the cutting type knurling tool, if there is a step in the workpiece, It cannot be
processed closed to the shoulder. Because cutter is angled.
The distance from knurling end to shoulder is depending on the outer diameter of
the cutter and step height.
Please check the table below.

Approximately Condition of cut knurling tools