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  • Turn ER holders and driven Tools into hydraulic
  • Easy handling and precision
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Adjustability of run-out


Make your ER holder and driven tools
Hydraulic and enjoy multiple benefits

Easily trun your standard ER collet holders and driven tools into high precision hydralic holder

Thus you can easily enjoy all the positive benefits of hydralice clamping such as easy handling and Precision,at an impressive competitive price level

This enables more users to benefit from decrease tool wear and increased productivity ,when compared to using ER collet holder

Adjusting runout


1.Mount a runout measure bar, or a tool, in the holder and tighten the pressure screw fully (Max. 6 Nm).

2.Set up the holder and check the runout which should be approx. 0.020 mm.

3. Adjust the runout by lightly tightening on themounting screws in steps of approx. 0.5 Nm.

4.Release the hydraulic pressure, clamp again and check the runout.

5. Adjust the runout again, release, clamp andcheck again until you

Assembly instructions

First clean all contact areas on ER holder and ETP ECOGRIP ER with a solvent. This to ensure a good contact surface and minimum run out.

1. Mount the ring nut on the ER holder.
2. Mount the ETP ECOGRIP ER into the ER holder. Make sure to reach a good conical contact surface by twisting the parts together.
3. Adjust the position of the ring nut to fit with the mounting screws. Make sure to leave a gap of approx. 0.5 mm between the ring nut and ECOGRIP ER, which will allow for adjusting of the runout.
4. Apply some threadlocking adhesive to the mounting screws (we recommend Loxeal 55-03 or similar). Mount the mounting screws and lightly tighten to approx. 3 Nm. (For ECOGRIP 6/ER16 tighten to approx. 2 Nm).

When mounted correctly ,an initial runout of 0.020 mm is achieved.
Then adjust the runout futher by lightly Tightening on the adjustment screws until Your desired runout is achieved.