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Green Laser Marker (Modular Unit)

Cold Marking for heat-sensitive materials and Micro precise marking

532nm wavelength laser enables fine marking on those materials which are difficult to be marked by the other laser sources, such as high transparent plastic, reflective materials (copper, silver, gold), ceramic, etc.

  • Achieve reasonable price and high reliability by eliminating useless functions from standard unit
  • Various options are available on use’s demand to enable ±60mm focus adjustment and Autofocus.
    *Please see “2-5- 2-5 Options for Modular unit” for the detail
  • Very much suitable to the marking on electrical components which requires heat-free and very precise marking.
  • Fully applicable to “Industry 4.0” via various ways of data connection.
Peak Power (kW) 60 90
Frequency (kHz) 10 – 100
Marking Speed (mm/S) 10,000
Marking Area (mm) by Lens types *F100 Lens: 65 x 65, F160 Lens: 110 x 110, *F254 Lens: 150 x 150
Marking applications Texts, logos, Bad codes, 2D codes (DataMatrix, QR codes etc.), Programmable Valuables…
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet, Ethernet IP, RS232, dedicated Inputs/Outputs
Power supply Universal: 100-240 V AC (50-60Hz)
Laser Beam Diameter (μm) From 15

*Standard lens is F160. The other types of lens are available as option.