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Hybrid Laser Marker (Modular Unit)

Applicable for wide range of materials with flexible marking parameters

Unique all-in-one design of Hybrid Laser H Series frees laser unit from cable connection between head and controller.

  • Achieve reasonable price and high reliability by eliminating useless functions from standard unit
  • Various options are available on use’s demand to enable ±60mm focus adjustment and Autofocus.
    *Please see “2-5- 2-5 Options for Modular unit” for the detail
  • Wide range of power control and extensive frequency enables fine contrast marking on various kinds of materials.
  • Fully applicable to “Industry 4.0” via various ways of data connection.
Power (W) 10 20
Peak Power (kW) 60 150
Frequency (kHz) 10 – 100
Marking Speed (mm/S) 10,000
Marking Area (mm) by Lens types *F100 Lens: 65 x 65, F160 Lens: 110 x 110, *F254 Lens: 175 x 175, *F330 Lens: 205 x 205
Marking applications Texts, logos, Bad codes, 2D codes (DataMatrix, QR codes etc.), Programmable Valuables…
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet, Ethernet IP, RS232, dedicated Inputs/Outputs
Power supply Universal: 100-240 V AC (50-60Hz)
Laser Beam Diameter (μm) From 25

*Standard lens is F160. The toher types of lens are available as option.