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PZ turn series

9 Features of PZ turn

1. Separate structure for head and shank
2. Head can be easily replaced with a single bolt
3. Detachment with a torque driver makes less individual differences in work to occur
4. Achieves within 10μ repeatability of head seating position by tapered polygon coupling
5. Despite the separate structure, the high rigidity of the back component resistance value is 97% of the solid holder
6. All PZ turns support coolant through
7. Shank coolant connection supports 3 positions for various installations
8. Since the shank is not removed from the equipment, there is no need to attach or detach the coolant hose.
9. As compatible with ISO inserts, manufacturer can be used

PZ turn structure

〇Separable head and shank

〇 X / Y / Z Repeated seating accuracy in all directions mechanically guaranteed in 10μ by tapered polygon coupling

〇 Compatible with various ISO inserts lineup of nearly 100 types of heads

〇 All heads support coolant through The coolant hose can be connected only to the shank!

▷PZ turn is ideal for Swiss type CNC lathe Lineup of shank sizes of 10 12 16

▷The heads of the PZ turn are abundant formats that can use ISO standard inserts made by each manufacturer and the lineup is nearly 100 types.