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S-Fusion Filter

S Fusion and FX Fusion successfully remove submicron particles generated in neat oil applications by combining a hi-tech synthetic self-draining media filter with Filtermist’s proven centrifugal technology – offering an effective alternative to other products in the high-pressure coolant market.


Machine mounted to free up valuable floor space.


Patented venturi suction system returns a large percentage of filtered oil back to the machine, increasing the lifetime of the filter

Cost effective

Lower initial outlay and running costs than comparable filtration systems.


Airflow reduced by just 14% in 4000 test hours.
*Under extensive tests using the Filtermist S Fusion filter

Designed specifically for smaller ‘swiss style’ sliding head lathes.
The S Fusion is available to fit the S400 and S800 units in Filtermist’s compact S Series range and the FX Fusion is available to fit the FX4002 and FX5002 units in the FX Series range.