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Type KS / FS

Applicable to the secondary filtration of cutting sludge

Type KS・Type FS (magnetic drum diameter: φ140 mm for models 4 to 18 and φ216 mm for models 24 to 36)

Secondary Filtration for Cutting/Shaving Process Type


  • Effective design based on the analysis of magnet arrangement and shape which improved the attracting power of the magnet.
  • Amount of chips stuck on the squeeze roller is reduced and the performance improved.
  • Blade life will extend and the product defect ratio will decrease.

Practical Usage of FINE MAG

  • Secondary filtration of veryfine muddy sludge for cutting cast iron.
  • Filtration of shaving process coolant liquid.
  • Filtration of magnetic sludge which is contained in the coolant from the centrifugal oil separator.