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Standard of Yamada Stamping Method

Selection of Numbering Head

  1. Selection of class
    It is classified according to the size of dimension and the number of character digits.

  2. Selection of type (H/A/N)
    It is classified 3 types by the way of character digits.
    Select the type according to the contents of marking characters.

    1. Marking that is not needed to change character frequently.
      e.g.) Lot numbers, date of manufacture, etc.
      → H type (Hand changing type)

    2. Marking consecutive numbers, “1”, “2”, “3”, …
      e.g.) Serial numbers
      → A type (Automatic changing type)

    3. Marking lot numbers and serial numbers both.
      Enable to change between H and A easily when the contents of character changes.
      → N type (Hand and Automatic changing type)

  3. Selection of model
    The model is determined by the combination of “class” and “type”.

    The model is determined by the combination of “class” and “type”.

Feature of YAMADA

YAMADA numbering heads and each of marking machines are widely used to mark many things that everywhere you see, on name plates and rating plates, for management numbers, and so on.

Our products are superior in durability, and we deal with a variety of types, from hand-knocking types to fully automatic marking device (NC), also recognition / inspection devices as new demands of customers.

The products of our long years accumulated technologies and achievements are well received not only in Japan but also overseas.

Please feel free to contact us about marking. Each of our section for every step, from design to engraving / manufacturing, will help that anyone can do marking work easily and finely as our policy.

Standard of Numbering Head

※ YAMADA standard type face : Height (H) × 1/2 = Width (W)【H:W=2:1】


Standard Model Specification

※ Please specify the direction of characters when you order.

※ When purchasing spare parts, specify the quantity and the number of parts shown below.

※ Manufacturing the numbering head of 2-marking in a unitary scale is also available.

※ A type (Automatic changing type) does not require No. 12 and 13.

※ H type (Hand changing type) does not require No. 5,8,10 and 11.

※ This is the drawings of N type (Hand and Automatic changing type).

Name of major parts

Major dimensions (unit : m/m)

Standard type face samples

※ Note : The actual typeface may vary slightly depending on the marking pressure or method.